Why you should always reward yourself when you achieve something


We study so we can go to a good College. In college, we push ourselves to unhealthy limits so we can get a high-paying job. During work, we’ll do the impossible to surpass those unreachable goals so maybe, in the end of the year, you’ll get promoted. Already seeing the reward pattern in here?

If not, I’ll show it to you and prove the importance of it. Reward is money? Yes. Only money? Hell no. All the thing we do, no matter how big or small, are driven by achieving a goal or an objective. Ir our modern capitalist society, money is probably the most common way of rewarding someone. Not only we have that “social agreement” of delivering a job for money exchange, currency rewarding is also present in birthdays and other traditional celebrations.

In other words, reward is a form of recompense given to another for an accomplish performance. In this sentence, there are two intricate concepts: recognition and fairness. Recognition for something that you done, that maybe not everybody is able to do. A form of acknowledgement, per-say. The fairness concept is way more philosophical than recognition, ’cause there isn’t a common concept of fair. Maybe “decent” is a good alternative. Despite the reward being distributed as an object, the overall concept is directly connected to the psychological form we perceive those rewards.

Don’t want money as a reward? Fine. Food is an option, as being a part of a society addicted to sugar, we’re always craving for some sweetness in our life. Dieting? Maybe adding more free time to relax is a nice outcome for a reward, or even allowing yourself to buy those books you’ve wanted for so long. However, be abstemious when choosing. We don’t want you blaming us for extra pounds or negative bank accounts.

Having a reward as a conclusion to a performed action give us tenacity, will and strength to endure the challenges of everyday chores. It makes us go a mile further, makes us see the bigger picture of the whole process. Reward is a brain food, a bait to always push ourselves a little more. Now, here’s a question for all of you. Do you reward yourself? If you don’t, why don’t you give a try and give us some feedback? Remember that rewarding is awesome for productivity points of view, just don’t feed yourself with too many cookies.

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