What is the canvas tool and how it can help you


Productivity is the word of the moment. New working concepts are merging every single day and the ability of working with other people is almost an obligation. However, keeping your brainstorms and flow of ideas in not as easy as it sounds, so why don’t you just canvas it?

Not following my lead? Let me explain. Have you ever heard of productivity hack to keep track of your ideas or even how to sparkle them? Creating a Canvas is an all in one solution. Not only its modeling allows you personalize the flow of your thinking, but also keeps everything organized while you’re developing your ideas. A canvas is most likely used by those engaged in a common project/business, but it can be used as a study platform or for personal development.

Let’s be fair with each other: canvas tool isn’t the only tool available to keep you and your peers productive. So, why would you use it? Because it’s simple, practical, free and easily applicable to your routine schedule. The Canvas tool separates the developing ideas by subject & matter, keeping your current work organized and clean so whenever is necessary, you can check an information up real fast.

One hundred percent modifiable, a canvas can be used for personal development, aggregating content so it facilitates your work and study. However, it can also be worn as a multi-task group platform, making the group’s brainstorms more organized and trackable.

We already know that a Canvas can be used by anyone, but what if you’re already the most productive person in the world? Does that mean this Canvas technique is not for you? Of course not, that’s nonsense. A Canvas should also be an interactive platform where you can keep yourself motivated, ensuring  that every action you take will be another step closer to greatness.

We’ve made a short list of some online canvasses you can try it out (and the say the Hero Panel sent you there):

If you’re already a canvas user, share your experience with us in the comments below.



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