What is the 40% rule?


Despite this accountant nomenclature, this is a mental “toughening” technique used by Navy SEALs. After you understand its purposes, the physical barriers will be left behind and with the correct mindset, you’ll trigger the best performances of your life.

The 40% rule follow the simple stigma that, when you feel “tired” or about to reach the limits of your human capacity, when your body is sexting you that he’s done, you’ve only reached about 40% of the real capacity. The message behind this “technique” is forcing yourself to pursue uncomfortable situations, making you understand the where’s your real comfort zone, how you left it and why you did it

Tip about comfort zones: if you want to know how leave the comfort zone for good, click here and you’ll be redirected to our post about the subject on the Hero Panel blog.

Maybe this rule sounds more like a scheme to you, but there’s actually science behind it (without entering an epistemological argument, please). In the year that the housing bubble burst (2008), a research made in the University of Torino found that a caffeine placebo made a significant amount of subjects be more productive without ingesting any chemical substances.

This research shows us the tenacity growth during a false pretext. Exceeding our “limits” proves that imaginary boundaries or psychological fatigue can be overrun by willpower and determination.

Turning your routine upside down is good. And bad. The pros and cons are debatable, but a obligatory mindset that you must have is that measurement is vital to this technique’s success. Having a routine improves your productivity, but the curb grows at decreasing rates until you start to fly on an autopilot mode forever. Hitting a wall here and there is necessary so you can have a constant check up, waking up from repetitive actions and leaving even more out of your comfort zone

So, how many percents are you experiencing right now? Leave your comment below and tell us what you think about the 40% technique.

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