What is the 10x rule?


We already talked about the 40% rule (haven’t read it? Do it), and now it’s time to dedicate a few hundreds of words to the 10x rule. Wondering what’s this all about? Bear with me, then.

Our lives a goal-driven! Not too hard to notice that: we all study, work, develop our inner abilities and strive to achieve success while being young, healthy, with a pocket full of money and a head full of hair. If you have clear goals, you probably try to follow a routine-based life filled with particular choices, private concerns and occasional mistakes.

However, operating your behaviors based only on three degrees of action-no action will probably lead you to  a”mediocre”  reward, without even forecasting if the success deadline will be on a short or long-term. Reaching the next barrier (a.k.a The 10x rule) is where you assure the outcomes of your goals and dreams. Turning an action into a religious discipline takes time but pays with a huge interest rate. Here’s how you achieve massive action results

Be calculist. You don’t have to excel in math to master this form of thinking. Actually, this asset of the technique is more attached to a management way of conducting your actions than making hard math. Estimating the amount of effort necessary to achieve and exceed your main target is where the mathematical tools appear. Now only a physical and monetary equities, but the time needed to accomplish your objective, if it’s able to do it by yourself and what are possible complications during the process.

Don’t fear the failure. Embrace it. Some people succeed, other failure, but why? Knowing the exact recipe for success is almost impossible, but knowing where the finish line is important so you can architecture the path leading to it. Deconstructing an achieved goal will show how many steps (and what steps are they) you’ll take to reach the mile-high club.

Success should be your duty, an everyday motto. What do you do to reach your goals with prime and pride? Share with us in the comments below.

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