What is frugality and why it is important


According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, being frugal is being “careful about spending money or using things when you do not need to; using money or supplies in a very careful way”. So, are you frugal or just a cheap bastard?

You wont master the outcomes of frugality in a snap of a  finger. Maybe two snaps, but not just one. Having a frugal life doesn’t mean you’ll relentlessly live in deprivation mode, just adopting some life-hacks that’ll influence your relocation towards what’s important to buy. A frugal way of living is also a smart way of living.

Maybe for you, saving money is not the easiest of the essays. No problem, we’re here to help. Recently, we’ve made a post about the best financial apps, you can give a peak at the Hero Panel Blog right Here. Having a system that will budget your everyday coasts will endure the process of making savings a habit, and what’s better than that? Nothing, not even Nutella (imagine how many nutellas can you buy with the money you’ll save?)

NO. STOP.THAT. That’s not the mindset we’re looking for. Having a frugal life means making some changes in your wallet to achieve goals and objectives faster, and in the meantime, developing long-term healthy habits. Not only having a smart expense mind, being a “forever-learner”, is a path to be followed. Learning a new thing everyday will provide so much knowledge that you wont even need a cape. You’ll become a 101 Handyman/girl super-hero to save those everyday coasts in peril.

The frugal way of living is correlated to a bigger picture in your life. Finding ways and shortcuts to achieve those most-wanted goals are the main objective of putting a frugal way of living to use. Be smart, advise your spending and always look up to where you want to go, despite the bumpy road ahead. Buckle-up and start saving.

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