What is a Vision Board?


Long-term thinking is scary, and having a clue of what or who you’re going to be in the future may seem impossible. We hardly know what path to follow and the uncertainty of where it will take us make us sad, stressed and anxious. Creating a Vision Board will make all those symptoms go away.

A Vision Board relies as a looking-glass to a future perspective. It helps you identify your way of thinking, support your regular affirmations and keep you on track of your intentions. The word “vision” ensures you to pursue an image, a photograph or a moment of how would you like your life to look like. Having an everyday look of your objectives not only clarify where you want to be in X days/months/years, but also boost your confidence to go an extra mile every time you’re working on getting things done!

Aside from nice cars and big houses, your Vision Board should focus on how you want to feel. Visualizing your ideal mindset not only gives you will to work for material things, but also helps create the perception of who you want to be as a globally-economic-environmentalist-biped-human being.

Now here are the rules for making a Vision Board

  1. There are no Rules!

This motivation method is unique because YOU’RE unique. Each person has it’s own Vision Board ’cause your goals are yours and yours only. Create the board according to your own mindset, bringing everything that matters to you to life. Inspirational quotes, peoples and places are expansion packs to your focus ability.

Now that you know what Vision Board is all about, let’s get our hands dirty and learn how to make one.

  • Any kind of board, but one with a pin would make the process of placing and hanging your wanted things, easier.
  • Scissor, tapes, pens, magazines, glue, crayons, pins, papers, post-its… Everything is helpful, useful and personal.
  • Separate the material that you want to look everyday. Paintings, images, photos, quotes, family portraits, places…
  • When to do it? When you have a couple of hours to spare. Better be a stress-free couple of hours, so your Vision Board ends up being well made and inspiring.

Never forget the key word for making a neat Vision Boar: CLARITY. If you overcloud your board (you can if you want to, however…), it will create a messy understanding of what you want to achieve in the future.

Want to have a cost-effective experience of a Vision Board? The Hero Panel dashboard has a widget that allows you to create a virtual vision board in the same place where you can keep track or your tasks and habits. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Share with us your experience with Vision Boards in the comments below.



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