Virtual bad habits you’re not aware of


Do you see those tabs along the Hero Panel blog? Yes, I’m talking about those social media ones and also the video with the cute puppies. Why you binge watch tons of series but never binge study all your homework? I’ll explain.

Internet is awesome, right? We all love it, and she loves us (I’m assuming the internet is a girl ’cause reasons), but is this relationship doing any good to us? Are we evolving as a microscopic part of and endless universe? She may be awesome, but I think she’s actually dragging us down. Of course, I’m not saying that every aspect of this relationship is harmful, we often smile at each other when we see those fail and prank videos together, but is she making you more productive?

“She’s not meant to make me more productive”… Yes, she is! When it was the last time you’ve accomplished something when surfing on her without losing any attention? I dare you, I double dare you bread and butter, say WHEN just one goddamn time. Doing useless tests on Facebook, leaving large number of Youtube tabs eating the RAM of your computer, downloading illegal things you’ll never watch/play…

Internet is awesome, but she’s an evil-looking chick! If you have trouble with focusing in front of the computer, I definitively recommend you our productivity dashboard, the Hero Panel. I don’t dare to say we should part ways, not at all. I only think we should have some “me-time”. And by that, I said: BE.MORE.PRODUCTIVE! Read more, write more, take classes, exercise, eat healthier, never skip breakfast, don’t smoke, skip fast-food invites and do-not overspend. That’s it? No! Don’t try to watch the whole YouTube in just one afternoon, and those Netflix series won’t go anywhere. TV programs can’t be that interesting so you stay all the time sitting on that couch…

Get up, get moving and transform your daily habits of overspending time in front of electronic devices to a overclocking machine. Any comments? Leave them bellow!

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