Tips to quit a bad habit


What if“? We say that too ourselves too much. We all have a routine and most of us are not completely happy with it. So how do we change all our inner actions to actually develop a good and healthy habit? Let’s break it down to smaller steps…

You may be putting the horses in front of the carriage. The process of deconstruction is far from being an easy one, and acknowledging the habits that make you a worse person is a great way to begin. A good habit should always be attached to an repetitive action that increases your productivity, and if not make you more productive, at least boost your creativity or teach you a thing or two on a regular basis.


Despite already being said, one of the first steps you should take to quit a bad habit is understanding what triggers it. Changing behaviors is not an easy thing to do, and almost impossible to do it “on demand”, but knowing what drives the following actions are a major asset to be understood.


Making mistakes is a common thing. We’re human beings, therefore we have PhD in the failure field of life. But we learn from it and overcome the challenges life shoots at us. Anyhow, if you don’t already have it, understanding that the detox process of bad habits should be done in baby-steps is essential. Forecast the outcomes and predict the amount of time necessary to pull it off is as important as actually losing it.Have a clear mind before taking any decision.


Are you dancing? Don’t dance. Environment can be a triggering point of bad behaviors. So for your detox process to be fully complete, change the geographical area of your routine. That goes promoting exercises by parking far from the doors, avoiding smoke breaks so you finally become tobacco-free and stuffing that junk food in the back of your fridge. By smalls steps, you’ll leap furthest than you thought.


Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst“. Imagining all the possible outcomes for your habits should be a everyday to-do thing. We always make choices we think that are the best for us or for those related to the situation. However, only God (and maybe not even him) knows about our future, so you have to be prepared. Also, not only forecasting your new/improved habits, but making sure you understand where those bad habits lead you in the first place. Conscience.

 Now, not-too far from real life, bad habits in our own virtual world can cause a lot of damage. The Hero Panel has made a post about how to avoid bad habits while surfing on the interweb, so why don’t you check it out? Don’t forget to share our post and leave your comments below.

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