Tips to quit a bad habit


Our routines are no more than habit-based actions followed by repetition. Every day you copy some of the previous day actions, and when it all becomes a copy of a copy of a copy, there’s your “routine”.

From Coffee drinking and the way you comb your hair to smoking and knuckle cracking. Labels are not always optimal, but understanding what kind of habits are entitled to your persona may be essential to comprehend if they’re healthy or harmful.

A habit is considered bad when a behavior tends to be detrimental to a persons’s physical/mental heath. A bad habit is often linked with the scarcity of self-control. We all have bad habits, but how do we exterminate them? How can we transform a bad habit in a good one?

Having awareness of the harm that a habit is doing to your body and mind is the first key to achieve success in this manner. Actually, being aware of the real outcomes is the key to many different locks (and a complicated key to obtain). Often, a bad habit is triggered by a situation that bounces you off your comfort zone, leading to regain control of the situation as fast as you can.

For an example: comfort food. Many people (including me) find shelter from bad outcomes by eating all sorts of sugary-based foods (and carbs, oh my god so much carbs). When you put it on paper, there’s not a good argument that endorses this practice. Elevated blood pressure, diabetes and overweight are only a few of the results from a bad habit, imagine those effects in long term… Bad, right?

Avoiding triggers may be one of the hardest things to do. Triggers are responsible for igniting the harmful action, and when done frequently, they become habits. Triggers may be places, persons or subjects, so changing routes, meeting new people, changing environments are some tips for you slowly detox your body and mind of those bad obsessions.

However, sometimes is not always possible to avoid these type of triggers so easily. So, what do you do when this happens? Misdirection! Commonly used by magicians and politicians, misdirection is the act of focusing the attention to a distraction, leading the direction to an “unwanted” path. Do you bite your nails? Chew gum. Do you smoke? Nicotine Patches. Crack your fingers? Gloves, a knuckle protection… Using resources to make the process easier is to cheating, is playing smart.

Another smart action is planning you goals and making sure you’ll cross oceans, deserts and desserts to achieve it. Keep your mind busy and focused with your main goal and never let it go. Solid goals are like anchors to reality, so what better than fighting everyday to create a habit to conclude those objectives? Want to keep yourself busy and productive? Click Here and embrace the productive side of the Force

Now, the last advice. Like every quest, you endure horrible weathers and fight strange things to gather all the supplies you’ll need to finish your journey. And what’s usually in the end of every journey? A reward. Never forget to reward yourself after finally achieving your objectives. By doing it, you’ll have more perseverance to continue with your everyday battle to defeat bad habits.

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