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Feeling stagnated? The weight of countless hours of study and student loans are eating you alive? Say no more! I haven’t found a loop-hole (yet), but I assure you this tips will give you an emotional upgrade and maybe change some perspective about growth.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them do (stupid decision), and despite their costume, they all face hard decision and excruciating battles against evil and dark forces. Have you ever thought, “how does a hero succeed?”. Not by throwing fireballs at enemies, I guarantee you that. The path to a successful career involves

    “Building Emotional Intelligence”

Learn how to work under pressure by applying a killer-combo of exercises, meditations, personal coaching and brainy activities. Regular education only tells you the theoretical part of living, so it’s up to you to develop a personal-psychological preparation that can make you more easily adaptable. You have to slowly harness your emotional intelligence to it’s core.

Personally speaking, I’m a comfort-driven person. We’re always seeking a safe place, with only positive outcomes and predictable situations. If your life is a war zone and you’re always winning those easy-mode daily battles, you’ll become frightened when a tough situation passes by. Life’s not a turn-based battle system, so you always have to have conscience about the Bigger Picture. Not only being aware of its existence, but ensuring you’re making everything possible so one day that bigger picture becomes real. So, what you have to do is to

  “Frame your Bigger Picture”

And put it on your wall, so you’ll never forget why you’re battling so hard everyday.

The most organic way to personally grow is by not skipping a single day of the School of Mistakes and Failures. Being a forever learner will educate yourself in the most advanced and practical ways, and you must be 100% sure you’re going to fail at some point. And you know what’s the best part of it? It’s totally normal. Learn from your mistakes, takes notes, write them on post-its and never forget they were a part of a trial that one day succeeded. Just embrace it!

Network expansion. I’m not talking about adding them to your Facebook account, I’m saying that attending to conferences, corporate events and workshops. Not have a business card yet? Make one. Remember: you’re not selling yourself, just graciously announcing your qualities in a piece of paper. Better yet, you have to

“Show interest in building a bigger and better Network”

A tip for your resume? Be a volunteer in other projects. Not only it will show your humble side, but also expand your network and field of knowledge.

By smalls steps, you can achieve so many things. If you want to be more productive in work and not waste time looking at pictures of cute cats on the internet, I recommend you our Productivity Dashboard for Super Humans, the Hero Panel. Leave a comment bellow and tell us your super-powers on how to boost your career.

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