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If you’re aiming for a tieless job (no, I don’t mean tireless), this post is for you. Being able to work from home may be very beneficial, despite a lot of people have problems being productive at it. If you’re one of those people, hear me out:

This is not rocket science, but let’s imagine you’re a scientist that builds rockets. You’ll need a certain amount of assets so your workplace can be as productive as it can, from having a state of the art computer to having a Wehrner Von Braun picture at your desk. Here are a few tips so you can work at home and be productive at the same time.

Work place X Personal Space –

Have a dedicated place to work. Don’t mix your personal space (mostly recreational stuff) with the working area. Rearrange your belongings so everything can be simple, organized and efficient. Throw away your television (or give it to my gaming room, perhaps) and all the other electronic gadgets. You have to ensure that the area you’ll be working have a distraction-free environment.

“Let there be light”

And there was light. Having resourceful lights should be on the top of your list. Having problems to read and write due to the lack of light affects your work in a counterproductive way. Faced-down lamps to facilitate reading and writing are essential to your workplace, and being exposed to natural sunlight (God bless vitamin D) will improve your mood, fight stress and get you more focused.

Your back will thank you later

Buy a chair. A good chair. Having a comfortable place to sit everyday is crucial to your health. Keep in mind that you’ll be sitting most time of the day, so if you want to cut some costs, this shouldn’t be one of them. Spending more with a nice and comfy chair will make you save tons of money on pills, doctor’s appointments and even physical therapy. Your spine will be forever thankful for that.

“In the next episode of Hoarders…”

Storage is a problem. From physical to digital, having a messy place is bad for developing habits and improving productivity. Maintain your desk as simple and organized as you can. Need only a lamp, a computer and a notebook? That’s what you’re having at hand on your desk, nothing more. Also, working digitally may force you to have a lot of apps and widgets, so keep a minimalist approach on them. Shortcuts are great if used correctly, and keep your work documents separately from your personal document.


Plain and simple. To-do lists and daily goals are more than welcome. Keep yourself productive and create a daily schedule, no matter how you choose to do it. I personally recommend you the Hero Panel Dashboard, where you can keep track of you goals and objectives on a daily basis.

Personal Stuff

One of advantages of working at home (apart from working with your pajamas), is being able to decorate the environment with things that motivate your. From pictures to flowers, from boards to action figures, everything is possible. A friendly reminder: give your personal touch without distractions, just with things that you like and motivate you.

Be extrovert

Working at home may be nice, but a total-silence is not the best for your social skills and work skills. I get that your work may require silence, but talking to other peers, brainstorms and social interaction should be a doable thing on your to-do list. No one to talk to? The Rubber Duck Technique may be very helpful!

Did you like this list? Leave your comments below and tell us your tips&tricks on how to work at home.

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