The ultimate list of life hacks for productivity


Bill Gates once said: “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it'”. Despite being a very debatable subject, finding non-orthodox ways to get a job/task done is not being lazy, is being productive. We’re going to give away some tips so you can do more with the same finite amount of time. Shall we begin?

Lose your Phone

Crystal-clear message: lose your phone. At least, turn off all the notification during the time period when you need to focus more. Not being in touch with overall social medias will improve the time you’ll spend doing what really matters. You can always check them later.

Exercise in the morning

Early workouts are great for keeping your day as productive as it can be. Increasing your metabolism as soon as the rooster starts singing will keep your energy bar full for the rest of the day. From cardio exercises to strength training, everything is welcome.

No means no!

Want to prove your qualities and show productivity? Learn how to say NO. Accepting everything that is thrown to you will make your routine overwhelmed, and as a consequence, lower the outcome of your efforts. Be reasonable with your schedule and your capacities, they’re a valorous asset.

Scheduling your habits

Get a calendar, a notebook and a to-do list. Don’t have any of them to make your routine organized? The Hero Panel has everything you need to create schedules and to-do lists. The best way to create good habits it’s to be organized with the clock. Keeping track on everyday errands will boost your productivity to another level.

Save the best for last

To maintain productivity during the day, you have to set the most-wanted goals to be achieved in the end of the day. So yes, start your day by doing you what you HAVE to do, but things you actually DON’T WANT to. The best rewards should be given in the end of the main quest, not during the process.

TIP: let’s cheat this a little bit. Actually, put an amazing thing to do first thing in the morning. This will prevent you from procrastinating and will give you strength to leave bed. After that, you may put those boring tasks as a priority.

Worry BIG

If you worry with EVERYTHING, you’re actually worrying about NOTHING. All the smalls things that are concerning you should be put aside, just maintain focus on the big fishes in the sea.

Eat, sleep and (maybe) pray

Have a good night of sleep and never skip breakfast. Pure biology: you don’t learn until you sleep and you can’t run if you don’t have fuel. Eat and sleep well and your body will thank you later.

The 2-Minutes rule

Do you know those tiny-yet-boring tasks that you say: “Nah, I’ll do it later”? Been there, done that, even got the T-shirt. If a task pop-up in front of you and you can complete it in less than 2 minutes, DO IT. Do it now and do it like you don’t have anything else in the world to do it. This raging method is effective indeed, just don’t be afraid to apply it.


Putting the Pomodoro Technique to use is probably the best tip here. If you want to know more about this amazing technique, Click Here.

Putting this techniques to use will definitely boost your productivity to the next level. Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

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