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If you’re an avid reader of the Hero Panel blog (if you’re not, shame on you), you know we’re always talking about productivity hacks and widgets. But, what about gadgets?

First, let me discuss the difference between widgets and gadgets.Widgets are softwares, apps or icons, normally operated on desktop or operational systems. Gadget is a small tool/machine that has a particular function being standardly based on electronical devices. If you would like to read a little bit more about the benefits of rewards, click here.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a common answer about the how beneficial rewarding gadgets can be, but they’re here so trying it out won’t hurt. Also, if something doesn’t become a drawback, it’s a valid choice.

For an example, Switch2Health is wearable device (attach it like a watch, a pendant or simply in your pocket). The two models available were made to track heavy arm movements (like sports practice) and pedometer for walking. After a while practicing any kind of trackable movement, the device generates a reward code you can imput on their website. The rewards are coupons and gift-cards.

Another fitness rewarding gadget is Mymo. This very discreet wristband tracks user’s steps, calories burned linked to a smartphone app. The goals for these gadgets starts at 3,000 steps a day. Mymo runs on annual subscriptions, costing about US$ 66 per year. Premium users get access to doctors, and personal coach. This method is first being applied in India.

Stepping out of the fitness discussion, let’s talk about climate change for a bit (send this link to Trump, please). The Oroeco shows you which choices really matter, helping you save money and the planet while earning rewards AND motivating the community itself.

Rewards are motivational boosters, and achieving goals with amazing rewards backing them up is even more thrilling. Share in the comments if you’re adept to any rewarding gadget and tell your experience.

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