The efficiency Feng Shui: hacks to improve your environment


We’re always changing. Our mutable lifestyle goes from way of thinking to things we like and eventually buy. Being surrounded by things we like may define your tastes and preferences, but they not show who you really are. How about improving your environment to show who you really are?

The answer is not money (actually, money may not even be necessary), it’s Feng Shui. Cool word, isn’t it? This Asian terminology is referred to an idea that our home should be a mirror of what’s happening in our inner-self.  Rearranging rooms and the maintenance of specific places may be a guidance to let that inner energy flow through your your house.

Now, time for hacking this so-called Feng Shui. No manual, no jibber-jabber, just some straight to the poing hacks to align your mood with all this endless energy!

Place. Space.

The distribution of general furniture is a major improvement to that misplacing energy.  Sofa placing for an example: setting it as from the front door as possible, preferably against a solid wall. A mirror on the opposite side of the couch may create a anti-virus effect, making you feel more protected and secure.

You’re in my spot.

Where do you sit? Yes, in a chair, I know, but where? Normally, people rather sit with their back against the wall, so they can feel safe. A mirror (yes, a mirror again) reflecting the table may expand the field of view and create more profusion of the area.

It’s Bedtime!

Now, let’s Feng Shui the sexiest part of the house. Minimizing the amout of electrical devices surrounding your sleeping place. Also, turning off phones and computer are another awesome thing to do. No screens before you sleep! Is preferable to use soft light on nightstands or attached to you bed. Bedroom is a private place, so don’t go full-hoarder by putting things under it.

So, are you already Feng Shuing? If you want more tips and tricks, RealSimple has come awesome material about optimizing your environment. Now, if you have to read more about life-hacks, the Hero Panel has a up-and-running blog so you can fulfill your curiosities  and maybe teach you a thing or two about the hacker side of the force.

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