The art of speed note-taking. The good, the great and the awesome


We’ve already talked about speed-reading in this amazing hacker-friendly community, now it’s time to talk about speed note-taking. Does it work? How do you do it? Bear with me and we’ll have a nice discussion about it.

Right at the beginning, I can honestly say that speed note-taking works way more efficiently than the speed-reading technique. Writing down important concepts during classes, or even taking random annotations during work is a very productive habit. There are many methods on how you can apply this technique in your daily routine, here are a few of them:

The Cornell Method

This system is based on splitting a page in two parts (two columns, to be more precise). The left side is destined to key-word annotations, top of mind bullet points and larger ideas in general. The right side is the fun side, where your notes can be more detailed, even draw pictures and tables on it. The right column should “speak” to the left column, recording/explaining the main idea written on the right side. This technique should be regarded as a study check-up, forcing later examines and reciting as much as you remember.

Colorful note-taking

No, it’s not childish. If someone says that taking notes with different pen colors is a waste of time, I guarantee you they’ve never tried this eye-catching technique. Forget about society and its critics, just focus on whats better to you. Coloring key-parts of your annotations forces you to pay more attention to a specific part of the text, enhancing your learning curb. However, despite being useful, definitively not the quickest way.

Cutting Words

In half? No. However, if you limit yourself to write only the main words of a sentence you improve the amount of time you take writing. Removing frivolous words and shortening complex sentences are the path to follow with this technique. A cool technique is the Teelinegive it a good read and try to apply it on a daily basis.

Did you like this amazing techniques? Give us a feedback below if you’re already using one of them.


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