The art of journaling: how tracking your days can make your life better


This technological era definitely jeopardized our abilities of handwriting. However, some sacrifices come for good in our lives. The habit of daily tracking may do great wonders to your present life and future self, but why would you do it?

Many possibilities, my friend. You may want to leave something behind for the future generations, harness your inner creativity, induce some cathartic releases or even do a personal brainstorm. A journal contain a finite amount of space, but an unlimited amount of uses. Improving your way of living is the main goal of developing the habit of journaling, and keeping track of your daily actions and thought are easier than you think.

No matter what purpose you chose to start journaling, the beneficial outcomes are always welcome. Keeping an everyday diary will perpetuate the successes and mistakes of your actions, giving the possibility of consulting the steps you made to the following results.

Another helpful usage of a Journal is to advice and support stressful people and coach them how to handle the events they experienced. Improving self-esteem and providing awareness of the what has happened in the past and what may occur in the future are major results of the journaling habit.

But, how do you create a Journal?

  • First, buy one. Want a cost-effective solution? Find a small-yet-usable notebook that you’ve stored long ago (we all have that unused notebook). After you finding it, envision the type of journal you want to keep. Is is only memories? objectives? To-do lists? Vacation? Gratitude? Whatever you choose, is valid.
  • Also, write on a daily basis. Frequency enhance the chances for developing habits, and writing regularly is the way to go. Transform the first pages on calendars and special events, so you’ll never get lost during your busy schedules and will be able to keep track of important dates.
  • Keep it simple, keep it safe. You’re daily writing your emotions, putting thoughts and brainstorms, doing your personal therapy. It’s a personal journal, and it should be that way as long as your habits of journaling demand. Make sure they’re well hidden/protected.

Before ending, don’t you want to embellish that journal a little bit? Doodle a little and make it even more personal. Taking good care of your journal will make you grow fond of it.

Are you journaling already? Share your experince with us here on the Hero Panel blog and, if you want to try a digital version of journaling and tracking, check out the Hero Panel and give it a try.





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