The 5 areas of life you should be focusing to achieve true success


Achieving harmony is one of the biggest challenges in life. Like juggling balls, we put our efforts on one thing, and when we least expect, something else is falling. To make it easier, it’s a good thing to organize and create good habits for each area, and knowing what they are is equally as important. To achieve true success and happiness, here are the 5 areas you need to perform in life.

1 – Health

Physical and mental health are the basis for everything in life. If you’re not physically well, you can still be happy and grateful, but you won’t be able to do many activities as if you were healthy. Take care of your health as much as possible.

2 – Relationships

Everything we have comes from others, everything we do is, ultimately, for others. Take care of your relationships, cherish people you love, be kind to them, eliminate bad or toxical relationships. You will feel much more fulfilled.

3 – Spiritual

Whether you are religious or not, there are thing much greater than us, some call it God, others the Universe, Buddha or simply Life. We all came from the same place and we will go back to the same place. Having faith that everything will be fine in a grand scheme is important to deal with the innevitable detachment of life.

4 – Wealth

Work, investments, personal projects or anything that will enable you to pay the bills and live better. Don’t neglect or underestimate the power of money, no matter how hippie-ish you are. A lot of important thing in life are paid for, and some are expensive. Make sure you have the ticket to get through the door.

5 – Evolution

The ultimate goal of all life: Evolve. Personally, as a group, as a country, as a species, our goal in life is to become better. The best way to do that is to be an evolving individual: read, study, get rid of bad behaviors and consciously become a better person every day.

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