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Did you study today? If your answer is “no”, I highly suggest you to do it not-that-immediately (do it after reading this, perhaps). Well, we all know that life is not a competition, but you can’t tell that to your grades. The key for sticking your tests on your mother’s refrigerator door is: time.

Time management is, theoretically speaking, accessible to everyone. We have so many things to do in such limited time (I don’t know about yours, but my day only has 24 hours), that at some point, you’ll catch yourself looking for cute cats on the internet. So, how can you organize your studies in a way where you maintain your focus and suck all that nasty knowledge of it? Bear with me and I’ll show you that solving this equation will be as easy as… well, solving an equation.

Let me be clear by saying this: there is NO trick in scoring high levels on your tests. The following topics will enhance your productivity, maybe maximize your efficiency, but will no make you cheat your way through success (if someone tells you that’s possible, be sure they wont get any Christmas presents ’cause they’re lying).

Here are a few tips to you knock that test out of the park:


The right time,the right place, a to-do list and a clear conscience. Putting your obligations on paper and analyzing what you have to study, number all the materials you’ll need and prioritize your list by ranking all the subjects is a nice way to start. A tip is to get yourself a notebook, then write down your obligations and constantly update them when you accomplished a task.


Time is the key, so how can you maintain focus while studying? Divide the time you have available in blocks, and break down your priorities in these blocks. For an example, the first 45 minutes of your study will be reading, then PAUSE. Stretch, drink some water, go to the bathroom and continue to the second block. Taking notes, reviewing them, writing down the most important things are always helpful when the subject is tricky.

A healthy reminder so your plans don’t go down the drain: don’t take long breaks and do not push yourself through more than a hour of studying. Have some measurement so you don’t become too relapsed or too stressed.


The idea of creating a schedule for studying in to develop, on a daily basis, a habit. Having a study habit gives you plenty of time to acquire all the necessary knowledge before your test (or at least, longer than two days before your tests). Set goals for each studied day, keep it simple and keep it safe. Do not overwhelm your available hours so, in a short period of time, you get dis-motivated. Creating a calendar will help you manage your goals in suitable time for everything.


No, not money. Food? Maybe. Rewards are a great way of pushing yourself through hard subjects, specially when you’re still developing a HABIT.  Keep in mind that, creating a strategy for your study should establish a daily routine, not being a sporadic action. Be sure to guarantee yourself something pleasant after you cross that daily/weekly finish line.


After studying, a nice way to keep things clear in you “study place” (and in your head), is to keep each subject, every annotation, all used information and references divided by binders/folders. Tracking everything you studied is useful, but having a physical place to keep them in order is crucial for developing a habit.

Let’s wrap this up and ace that test!

To summarize our equation: the ideal way for developing a study habit is to divide our variable study (which is already divided by the time factor) by creating a schedule and organizing your path through your priorities, separate your necessities in sessions and take notes and create friendly reminders of important annotations. Never forget that managing break times and study sprints are crucial for your personal development. Reward yourself at the end of your sessions and keep track on your progress in a daily basis.

Want to keep track of your studies, take notes and apply some time-management techniques? Try out the Hero Panel dashboard. It’s free and it’s awesome.

So, solve this equation for X and you’re one step closer to get that A grade.







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