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My life is a stranger thing, sometimes it looks like i’m living it upside down. When I’m at college, I want to be at work. When I’m working, i want to be at home. The little free time I have, I spent looking online for non-sticking frying pans and how-to videos of desserts. I admit, it’s all a waste of time!

However, not all is lost. My mom still has hope on me, and I’ll not let her down. Not to long ago, I’ve applied to a MLA. Getting a Master on Lazyness Administration really helped me optimize my free time and make me a more productive human-being (even when I’m doing almost nothing).

Goalless Hobby

Have you ever thought about getting a goalless hobby? With no strings attached, having a hobby without any goals excludes a great amount of stress we usually develop, and doing something with an unlimited deadline is super awesome. A good 20-minutes break to put that hobby to practice will guarantee great result in the future.

Never too late to learn a new thing

How nice it would be if you could learn anything you wanted without being judged by grades and spoiled teachers? When there are no boundaries and no “contractual commitment”, the learning process becomes more and more enjoyable.

Be a Bookworm

Always have a good book beside you. Don’t have one? Buy one. Don’t have money? Steal it! Just kidding, but a but is you’re best friend in any situation imaginable. Also, a good reading lamp should aid you in this adventurous process. Need tips on what to read? Maybe Bill Gates can help you out.

Effortless stretch

Exercise can boost your mood and release some tasty hormones to your brain. Not into gyms and jogging? Make your living room your workout area. If you want to see some easy work out, click here.

This is it, you’re good to go. Being lazy never looked so productive, right?

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