Setting goals the right way. A guide to achieving your objectives


Sometimes we wish that life was like a Sandbox game. You may think it is, actually. However, all the paths we take and all the decisions we make are more likely to be an adventure on-rails. Confused? Here’s why.

Yes yes, some Emends were made to guarantee your freedom to go anywhere you like, but we’re not exactly “free”. See, we live in a society made exclusively of goals and objectives, and the majority of them being money-based objectives. We’re like a dog chasing an uncatchable bone, and that delicious bone comes in many different values. On this post we’re going to show you why you should set objectives to be accomplished and how to it.

But, Why?

Why you should set a number of goals in your life, no matter how big or smalls is the task? Simple: motivation. Setting goals gives you the sense of long-term achievements, with a taste of short term motivation, improving your personal confidence and giving self-recognition to your actions. Achieving success is mainly attached to your habits and how well you develop your working strategy, stop procrasting when needed and always harnessing a winning mindset for pushing yourself further and further.

Saying things like these are easy, but putting them into practice are much harder than we usually think. Here’s a golden tip: set SMART goals. That’s right, S.M.A.R.T.

  • S – Specific= know what you’re after; have a clear and well defined mind.
  • M – Measurable= precise amounts and dates.
  • A – Attainable= is it possible to achieve it in a short/long term?
  • R – Relevant= a goal that should direct your future towards your career.
  • T – Time-bound= set deadlines to your goals, even if it’s scary.

The real meaning of setting goals on a regular basis is to absorb a homeopathic amount of motivation each and every day, making you strive for greatness even when your going to the bathroom (picture that if you will).

Ready. Set. GOAL

How many to-do’s did you do today? None? Good. It’s never too late to start creating a habit of to-doing your daily chores. Writing down is a dominant and helpful action when it comes to goal-achievements. Implying “will” instead of “might” is already a big motivation-booster.

Also, keep track of your actions is crucial in long-term. By doing it, you’ll be able to understand how many steps you took to reach your current position. Want an easy and cost-effective platform to keep track of your daily tasks and actions? Check out the Hero Panel dashboard and get more productive everyday.

Source – Mindtools




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