Quick steps to maintain focus


The first step is reading this entire post (and maybe share it). “Jokes” apart, one of the requirements to endorse the procrastination way of living is to lack the amount of focus given to certain task. How do you flip this behavior upside down?

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The following tips may be applied no only during work, but also while studying and performing regular chores.


We all have things to do, but are you sure of how many stuff you actually need to do in a certain amount of time? Keep track of your to-do list and the time available is not alway the easiest thing (specially if you’re a nº1 procrastinator). Keeping your schedule up to date is a huge helper when it comes to maintaining focus, always knowing what’s about to come and all the little steps to perform so you can achieve your goals quicker and faster.

Get offline

You should apply this as much as you can, but it’s understandable if you need your laptop to work. Being away as much as you can from social medias will drastically improve your productivity rate. Social networks are fake extensions of ourselves, and sometimes (maybe most of the times) we give more importance to our online profiles than our “personal profiles”. Your social account won’t study for you or even work for you, so relegate its importance and shut it down for a couple of hours. Be productive, stay offline.

Vision Board X Canvas Tool

Don’t worry, “gadgeting” the ways to maintain focus is not cheating. Vision Board is no more than a collage of goals you want to achieve, and the Canvas Tools is an interactive dashboard so you can keep your things organized while brainstorming, studying or working. These technique are cheap, applicable in most of the situations and fairly helpful when it comes to get things done. We’ve made a post about this two subject, you can click here to read more about vision boards and here to understand how a canvas tool works.

Coffee and coffitivity

I’m a little suspect to talk about coffee. I may love being a coffeeholic, but my stomach totally disagree with me. However, non-nocive amount of caffeine in your blood will keep you up and running during those drawback moments, so having an homeopathic dose won’t do you no harm. Another tip we’re giving you is the coffitivity app. Studies show that the some regular sounds of workplaces makes you more productive. Even if you’re alone, put your headphones and feel like you’re surrounded by an active and productive environment.

If you have any other tips on how maintain your focus, share with us in the comments below.

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