Powerful techniques to learn anything faster


If you had fifteen candy bars and stole another fifteen from your brother, how many do you have? You may not know how many, but I assure you have diabetes.

Solving polynomials equations and calculating the mass of the Sun are “possible” (sort of), but they do take a severe amount of time and effort. How about we skip some corners and learn how to do things in a fast and effective way?

We’re gonna be fast and we’re gonna be furious on this post. No time for chit chat, let’s get to work!


You’re not a robot. You wish you were, but you’re not. You and your receding hair line should do things carefully, breaking down the habits to it’s fundamental bases. Want to be an astronaut? Don’t think about going to the moon, learn some differential equations beforehand. Start from scratch, and push yourself through task to task, no matter how small it is. Don’t chew big chunks, use a fork and knife.


When God looked upon you after His creation, he certainly though: “Well, I tried”. You’re not multitask material, you’re genetically challenged by life and it’s not-so-wonderful surprises when it comes to doing so much in so short time. Be strategic and to one thing at a time. Do it once and do it well!

Praise the mistakes

Normal people get frustrated by normal problems and what they normally do is to complain on social medias about it. Don’t you DARE to complain! Suck it up and make your mistakes the best learning platform ever. Each mistake is a road-block, that gives you an opportunity to do a follow up on all the steps you took that led to a “bad” outcome.

The true way is the Happy way

Being an optimistic person is crucial for having that willing to learn! “Anxiety precludes you from exploring real solutions and real thought patterns that will come up with solutions”, says Harvard Business School professor Alisson Wood Brooks.

Habit that act!

Good habits can improve the speed of your to-do abilities. Tips? Create an amazing to-do list with pumped-up tasks during the day, making you push your tenacity over the roof all day long. Be thrilled with the challenges you face everyday, they’ll pay off in the future.


Canyoureadthingsveryfast? Developing a speed reading habit may not be so usual, but as you start to see your learning curve grow in an exponential rate, you know you’re on the right track. Speed reading is the art of absorbing as many words as you can in the same pace as you detox yourself from a traditional way of reading (we’re talking about your annoying inner voice that reads everything to you). Time and practice will get rid of that for you, don’t worry. This is a very high and underrated technique to improve your time!

Be the student and the teacher

Teaching is one of the most hard jobs in the world, and putting those undeveloped skills to use will increase your learning rate. Put something you learned in your own words will increase your capacity of consuming more and more information.

You won’t know how practical and awesome this techniques are until you tried them. Comment below and tell us how you do your daily routine in a Super – Hero mode!

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