Playlists can improve productivity?


I can’t possibly imagine my day without music. Nothing better than having a soundtrack to your everyday schedule. However, how determine if what you’re listening is good or bad from a productive point of view?

Despite my receding hair line, I still love to do head-bangs and awesome solos on my air guitar. Be that as it may, I don’t dare to say that listening to my beloved hard rock is always helpful while I’m performing my everyday agenda. Everything has the right time and place to occur, and you can take your chores to a next level by implementing the right kind of music to an specific moment.

Listening to music lowers your perception of tension, being able to make you more happy, productive and actually, less stressed. Here are a few suggestion of music genres for each type of situation.

Doing over, over and over again

Repetition chores! Everybody have those type of obligations, and everybody hates them. Those boring-yet-necessary task can be boosted by listening something you like, your favorite music genre or a specific band. Answering e-mails, house chores and repetition-based works are inclined to be more efficient when you add some music that makes you happy .


Work, work and work

STOP! Working time. Seriously, if your work requires a great amount of attention, lose the lyrics. If your job demands a lot of immersive tasks, choose a classical or instrumental music. However, having a super-duper complex duty to do? No music for you, buddy!


Creativity expansion pack

Music can be a great add-on to those moments when you make something you love (even if it’s love making). Busting your jam while having a creativity sprint or creating something (or someone), may show a lot of positive outcomes and boost your accuracy on that specific “errand”.


Keep in mind that music is not a miracle worker. It may be helpful and improve your workflow, but this is not a rule. Use it when the environment and the tasks allow you to do apply that tasty soundtrack.

Do you have a favorite playlist? Do you listen to music while doing your everyday duties? Tell us in the comments. Also, if you like to enhance your productivity, create habits and still listen to some focusing playlists, the Hero Panel has a Spotify widget so you can be motivated while working.





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