Minimalism – a guide to


Minimalism is an artistic style, mostly used in music and visual arts, that applies to things stripped down to their essentials. A black square on a white canvas. That’s minimalism. There is also a new trend to adopt a minimalist lifestyle,

Limit the number of items you own

Some minimalist lifestyles tell you to live with 100 items or less. Hard for some, easy for others, but the main idea behind this is to limit your possessions, stop accumulating or hoarding items you don’t need and instead keep space in your life for new things to appear. Remember: everything you own, also owns a bit of you.

Buy something, sell something (or give away)

A good way to insert minimalism in your life is to adopt a buy-sell rule. This rule states that whenever you buy something, you have to eliminate something (sell or donate). Got a new laptop and don’t really need the old one? Sell it on eBay.

Accept loss

When you adopt this lifestyle of eliminating things you don’t need, sometimes you will find yourself looking for something you gave away. Well, it’s part of it, accept that sometimes. This sacrifice is ok, as it will balance out the benefits of having a clear life (and thus, a clear mind)

Minimalist Relationships

Having friends is awesome. But sometimes people sacrifice having a few true friendships to having many superficial ones. We all have limited time to spend with people we like, so let’s spend it with people we truly like.

Minimalism is not for everyone

Some people are just not built for minimalism, and it’s fine. Minimalism is just a lifestyle option.

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