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During our busy days, we all have those idleness moments where you wish you had a book or that you’ve purchased the premium account on Spotify. However, ever thought about embracing the podcast side of the force?

My midichlorians may not be as strong as Vader’s, but I had a life upgrade when I adopted the habit of listening to podcasts everyday (in my free-ish time, of course). So, to help you out, maybe you’re new to this type of media, we’ve made a “walkthrough” of some podcast you should definitely give it a try.

1 – Lifehack Live

If, somehow, you ended up here, you probably know Lifehack. Amazing site with productivity content, life improvement and time-management content. Not only, their podcast is full of interviews and entertaining subjects to enhance your recreational time.

2 – Robin Sharma

Robin is the founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc., a global consulting  company with a leadership development program. His clients are some “small” companies like Starbucks, Nike and Coca Cola. Better content than this? I don’t think so.

3 – Genius Types

You don’t have to be any type of genius to hear Genius Types. From discipline to creativity, this podcasts satisfies any needs you may have during those idleness moments.

4 – Awareness and Consciousness

Listed under Health/Self help in the podcast area, this podcast will lend much more insight into the self awareness that keeps you out of emotional drama and makes it easy to live in the emotional state of happiness.

5 – Brendon Buchard

This podcast is from one of the top motivation and marketing trainers in the world, and each episode is life-class.

So, what are your recommendations for Life-improvement podcasts? List them below and share with us.

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