How to type faster


Are you a writer or a typer? Almost the same thing, the only differential is the ways your perform each action. Hand writing something is a totally different thing than typing. Now answer something, how good are you with computer keyboards?

We can all type, can’t we? Let me guess, we all get irritated to see your parents typing so slowly, but how good are you? I mean, how fast and how optimal are your skills? There’s a few tips we can give  so you can hack your habits and become more productive and more used to a common instrument: your computer.

Home Row Position

Let’s start from the beginning. Have you ever noticed that the letters F and J of you computer keyboard have a little salience on them? Those are indications to rest both of your index fingers. Now, curving your fingers and start placing them in the subsequent order

  • Left Hand (from the pinky to the index): ASDF
  • Right Hand (from the index to the pinky): JKL;

Remember, this position should be not only the starting one but also the returning one you finish typing.Don’t forget to apply minimum effort towards finger movements. Move only when necessary and maintain a base position whenever possible.


But in theory, everything seems possible. How about we start to practice a little bit? We’re going to indicate three online platforms so you can practice your typing skills everyday in a easy/cost effective way.

All these platforms are proof of failure when it comes to daily typing practice, so don’t be shy and start to apply this technique on your routine until it becomes a habit. Also, if you want to put it to test after some practice, the Hero Panel dashboard has a task box where you can make personal annotations and also a timer so you can keep track. Give it a try and tell us in the comments how much you’ve improved with time.

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