How to lose weight the right way


If a scale become one of your arch-enemies, this post is for you. There is no spell in Harry Potter or any magic in Dungeons and Dragons that can make you thin in a blink of an eye. There isn’t a how, but many hows. The process of losing weight may look impossible, but i’m going to prove to you that isn’t true.

So, are you fat? I was. But I’ve lost a lot of weight in this past three years (66 pounds, to be more precise). I’m gonna tell you how I did it and how can do it without putting your body to high-stress levels. Just keep in mind that there’s no secret behind this, just patience.


As a 6’0.5” guy, being 246 pounds was horrible. So in 2013, I’ve made a deal with myself: “no more sugary drinks”. Eating lots and lots of sugar is the main reason why is so hard to lose weight. Sugar is an energy source for us, and cutting it from our diet is a very complicated thing to do. A way to don’t over stress your body is to cut the sugar slowly, not at once. Switch to low-cal sugar substitute and you’ll see the results in a week or two.

Eat Fat, some vegetables and proteins (meat)

If you’re vegan, figure it out,  but eating meat is a huge helper in this process. Consuming high protein food will boost your metabolism, also reducing food thoughts and that hungry feeling every time you go to bed. Vegetables? You can have an overdose with them if you want to. From broccoli to cucumber, eating vegetables also contribute to your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. Here’s a full list of low-carb vegetables.

Never. Stop.Running

Or walking if you still can’t run (very normal in the beginning). Lifting weights is also a superb way of losing weight and burning fat into muscles. At least three-times a week, go to a gym or a public park, put your favorite podcasts on and never stop thinking in the long-term prize you’ll have when you start losing weight.

Now, a non-science based fact. ALWAYS believe in yourself. Yes, you can do it, no matter how old or how overweight you are. Those who say you cannot do it are the one who never tried hard enough. Be proud of every step you take, every push up and every sit-up you do, everything matter. You wont lose a pound per day, stop being silly. It doesn’t matter how your weight’s going to be next morning, it’ll matter in thirty mornings, maybe. Don’t rush it, take your time and good luck.

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