How to cross the Comfort zone line and never come back


Life is full of barriers. Some people easily cross them, other have to jump a little higher, some of us dig under it and not-so-few, avoid them. Leaving our cosy comfort zone to embrace the unknown can be very hard (and scary), but some life-changing habits can transform this nightmare(ish) into a pleasant adventure.

Reality is not code-able. You can’t cheat life, there isn’t any passwords you can use to make things easier. Establishing the mindset of  unpredictability is the first of many baby-steps you can take to ease this life changing process. Habits are good to enhance productivity, but having a soulbound relationship with them may be harmful. Make sure you do your everyday things in a different way, forcing your brain to recalculate a new route to success. You won’t be able to know if an “alternative route” is useful until you try it.

Be patient. Making smart choices takes time and practice, and by practice we mean that you’ll have some bruises and scratches along your journey. The only way to know if you’re doing something right is by a try-failure process. Successful people have PhD in failled attempts. Failure is, by far, the most realistic learning platform out there, don’t be scared to try it out.

One of your goals must be reaching the nirvana of this comfortless zone process: productive discomfort. Excessive stress and anxiety pushes your productivity and tenacity levels to the ground, leading this whole process to be less and less desirable. Therefore, each individual must seek an “optimal anxiety” state.

Optimal anxiety levels are reached by slowly deleting your safe/comfort/stress-free routine and doing usual things in a different manner every time. Daily challenges are a great way to expand your comfort zone, and the repetition of a former anxiety-inducing action becomes easier over the process.

Let’s say that you made a “to-do list”, full of chores for you to make. Instead of doing it in an usual way, try to do some of them without turning you auto-pilot on. Social interactions are a great for expanding your comfort zone, and a boundary-pusher mindset should become a habit.

How about stepping out for good of that comfort zone and become a more productive person? Sound ideal, doesn’t it? Check the Hero Panel dashboard to keep track of your daily routine and habits.

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