How to create a one-click shortcut to Hero Panel


What if I told you that you’re just one-click away from becoming a super-hero? Well, I’m not only going to tell you, but I also will show you how much difference one simple click can make.

You and me are bounded by the invisible chains of the internet, depending on provided services almost 24/7. School, work, bank, communication, family and entertainment are just a few of the possibilities that using a personal computer may provide to you. However, the amount of apps and services available are responsible for taking from us the most valuable thing: time. Now, how can you keep track of time, considering you have dozens of things to do and still want to enjoy the vast world of the internet? You just have to add your favorite productivity app to your favorites bar: Hero Panel.


If you’re a Google Chrome user, adding Hero Panel to your bookmark’s bar will be quicker than lacing your shoe before taking a walk in the park. First, go to Hero Panel website, create your account, choose the template that fits your objectives and then proceed to click on the “Star” in the top right corner of the page, right on the side of the setting button. After clicking it, a little box will pop up, asking you where do you want to save Hero Panel’s page. Click on “Bookmarks bar” and then, click on “Done”. Simple, isn’t it?


After the icon and the title “Hero Panel” appears on your bookmars bar, right-click it and click on edit and erase the name of the icon, so only the logo of our product will appear to you, giving a cleaner impression with less text that usually messes with your desktop and main page.

The great thing about this hole process is that, for Mozilla Firefox users, there isn’t much difference between what’s been explained in the first paragraph.


Simply open your browser, go to Hero Panel, create your account, choose your template and look: a star. Yes, to add Hero Panel as a bookmark in Firefox, click on the “Star” on the top right corner of the page, which is a little different from Chrome, since the location of the button is more centered than the other browser, but the drill is the same.


After clicking on the “star”, choose the “bookmarks bar” and then click done. Hero Panel should be there, just one click away from you. Right click on the Hero Panel bookmark, go to properties and erase its name for a cleaner look.

Now, let’s say you’re an edgy user of Microsoft Edge, this post is also for you. Already on your browser? Good! Already on Hero Panel? Awesome!


Create your account, choose a nice template with a pretty little color and apply the same strategy from the past browsers. Click on the “Star”, the “add” on to Favorites and that’s it. Every time you enter on Edge, go to the “Hub” listing, choose your favorites and Hero Panel should be there, waiting to be clicked.

For a more minimal look, click on “rename” and delete “Hero Panel’s” name, so whenyou use your browser, only our logo will appear to you on your listings on Edge.

If you’re a Safari user, fear not my apple loving friend. Apple, Inc itself made a fantastic post helping you add a shortcut yo your favorites bar. Click here and you’ll be redirected to it.

See how easy and straight-forward it is to be just a click away from the best productivity platform ever build? Stop procrastinating and become your self best with Hero Panel.

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