Become more creative: Tips to think outside the box


Mainstream ideas usually lead to common solutions to mediocre results. We’re always facing challenges along the creativity process, sometimes being a huge drawback in our performance. So, how can you nest your thought in way they fly outside of the box and make you achieve results faster?

But first, what is “thinking outside of the box”? Is when you’re able to approach a problem in an innovative way, managing problems and inconvenience differently. A box has a finite amount of space, limiting the directions of your thoughts by some m³. We’re going to advise your way out of the box and how to seal it once you’re outside.

If you’re an avid reader, start doing some math

Don’t panic, solving this problem won’t be as hard as it was during high school. Of course, if this example is not applicable this way, vice-versa it. Studying something that is totally out of your routine guidelines may be very beneficial for your personal development. Understanding a problem situated in a different spectrum will teach you how insane are the possibilities for mistakes to happen and how large is the room for error is. Also, you may be able to find a common problem between you two and see how it was solved in another area, giving you the chance to analyze much more possible ways (or even creating a new one) to solve a recurrent issue.

Reading and Writing

 I couldn’t care less if you like to read or not. Pick up a book and read, at least, 20 minutes a day. However, if you want to think outside of the box, you shouldn’t read any book. If you like romance, go for drama. If you like sci-fi, go for some documentaries or real-based stories. To be able to perform differently in the tricky situations of life, you must challenge yourself to experience alternative paths. Also, understanding the particular problems that an author from a different genre  has to face is crucial to realize how things may be solved differently.

No, I did not forget about writing. Some of your work (maybe all of it) is based on a mechanical way of performing it, not letting the creative side of your brain take place when necessary. So, what to write? A poem! Yes, a poem will be responsible for shifting the way your brain thinks (from a rational point of view to a more creative one). But relax, no one ever has to see your poem, just put it to practice.

The Moonwalk Technique

So, do you have a plan? Good. And it’s working, yes? That’s fantastic. Well, achieving your goals is not like going from point A to point B, it’s more like going from point A, enduring the points B to Y and finishing on point Z. Lets say you’re having trouble to find out what’s the next step in your journey, but already know where you want to get, what do you do? Walk your way backwards. Start with your goal and from there, think back in all applicable steps needed to achieve your objectives.

All these tips are habit based, so if you’re still struggling with productivity, I highly suggest you to check out the Hero Panel dashboard. There, you’ll be able to give the first step to productivity and start putting some effort to start thinking outside of the box.

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