How to beat procrastination in 4 easy steps

I’ve come by this post to say: – “you’re not alone”. How much have you procrastinated today? You may be doing it right now, and even with this placebo effect of laziness, being a procrastinator is awful. We have a rocket-science solution for this matter, and in fact, it’s way easier than rocket science. Bear with me and I’ll show you 4 simple manners to beat procrastination.

Rise and shine!

Already mad? Don’t be, ’cause this is actually very helpful. Early waking improves by a lot your productivity, specially when you’ve set a number of goals to achieve during that day. Start off in the night before, by creating a “to-do list” or a set of objectives to be achieved in that day. Remember to put always an awesome thing to do first, sou you’ll get more motivated to jump right out of the bed.


Be organized. Having a calendar or a tracking system that will keep you updated about future deadlines and events is utterly important. Creating a set of goals to be achieved promotes the creation of  habits, which will make your procrastination disease enter remission very soon. Never underestimate a to-do list.

Do you know what you should no underestimate? Time. If you’re looking at your to-do list and and see that awful and boring task, don’t think twice and start doing it (even if you don’t have a clue how to, do it). The fact that you’ve started a task will automatically reset your brain to a do-or-die mode. When you usually begin something, your brain always want to do it ’till the very end of it, until you finish everything needed in that manner. So don’t be frightened to start something because biology will boost you to do it and do it well!

Perfection is not an option.

Don’t get too crazy or try to be an all-in-one machine. Perfection MUST be sought, but will not be achieved by it’s plenitude. Forecasting may prepare you for upcoming bumps and bruises along the road, but it can’t be entirely predictable. Nothing is perfect (not even Nutella), so trying to make reality awesome definitely should be one of your goals.


This is the fun part. Being able to choose your everyday platinum trophy is one of the main reasons you should quit this life of procrastination and start giving 101% of yourself. Refueling your creative energy is your main goal here. Movies, games, music and social gathering should be a fine option for your daily prize. Also, having a quiet moment to yourself is another possibility for you to reward your busy day.

Having trouble organizing your daily schedules? The Hero Panel is here to save the day. Our amazing dashboard is filled with productivity widgets and habit trackers, ensuring you’ll make the best of your time. In smalls steps, we all can achieve great things in life. One day at a time. Don’t rush, go with your own flow and enjoy your ride through your new productive way of living. Any comments or suggestions? Leave them bellow and tell us how you beat procrastination.

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