How to achieve success faster


There’s no definitive example of success. Of course, success is when you reach your goals in a certain period of time, therefore making you “happier” or “satisfied” with your accomplishments. Is that so?

I don’t think so. Obtaining success is commonly attached to the result, but the truth is that the success is bounded to the whole process. For you, success may be tied to money, or just being happy and battling to society’s development, or maybe creating a family and providing comfort and education to your offspring. Deep down, success is based on a trivial-but-mutable concept of personal achievements.

If success is a personal achievement, why some of us have so much problems reaching it? Struggles are not exclusive to some of us, we all have our own bumpy road to follow, but why so many quitters?

This is where the process of achieving success begins. And begins by believing in yourself, your own capacities and understanding the possible imperfect outcomes of your decisions. Those who lack of beliefs are doomed to become helpless. This happens and a persons faces the first failures of the process and not knowing how to deal with it.

Failures should be embraced, printed, copied and distributed to everybody. There’s no shame on making mistakes. Actually, the people who became successful faced tons of failed attempts before knocking the ball out of the park. Understanding what went wrong with the mindset and what part of the process didn’t go as expected is a priority to a successful person.

Accept: failure is a natural part of the process. Not letting your beliefs crumble within the unwanted outcomes should be a rule from now on. Wake up early and having some you-time should boost your productivity. Never limit your beliefs by fate or bad forecasting, and the only capable person to achieve your goals is yourself.

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