How habits can lead to success?


In Latin, the word “successus”  refers to a good result, a happy outcome. The routine of behaviors may lead you to different paths, depending which type of habit you develop over the years. We’re going to show you the success rate of successful habits and how apply them (pain-free) on a daily basis.

Become Sir Reads-A-Lot

Reading is not essential, is the essence for successful habits. Books allow you to learn from other’s mistakes, along with outcome successes. Apart from it, reading creates discipline, develop imagination and improves overall speaking. Not sure what to read? Check this 8 amazing books indicated by Bill Gates.

Real-time Strategy? More like “Day-before Strategy”

To-do lists and planning the future day is a nice way to end your night. Give yourself some clear goals the night before, fill your day with purposes so you can be sure of what you want to achieve in the next day. Planning may not go as expected, you can’t forecast all the possible outcomes of life, but is always good to hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.


Waking up early in the morning is also, a successful habit (you liking or not). Waking early is not an easy task, but here are some tips from those who already mastered the craft of (waking early). No screen lights at least one hour before sleeping and put your alarm clock far from your bed. Make a list of things you must do the next day and be sure to put an exciting one as your first quest (for leaving-the-bed purposes). Last but not least: DON’T. HIT. SNOOZE. Thank you.

“Relax. You need some information, first.”

“That will keep you going through the show, c’mom it’s time to go”. The ability to maintain focus while developing a habit is crucial for your success rate and your sanity. Being overwhelmed with tons of work and responsibilities may lead you to a path with nothing but stress and depression. Check out our breathing techniques to keep you relaxed anytime, anywhere.

WORK (feat. Yourself)

One thing is getting inspired by other people’s accomplishments, other is comparing your work theirs (and magically starts to feel jealous, stressed and unworthy). Live you day like it’s your last day and don’t bother with random-shaming people. Remember: each journey is unique, each challenges in life are unique, so don’t get trapped in a paradoxical way o living.

That’s it? Well, it’s a fine way to start developing good habits, one day at a time. Focus on your personal journey through life, it’s mysteries and it’s challenges. Our Dashboard can certainly help you through your habit-developing process, allowing you to create daily tasks and getting yourself motivated each time the seed of doubt start growing inside you.

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