How create a routine that will help you achieve your goals


The internet is full of distractions. Actually, real life is also full of distractions. We’re never as productive as we wanted to be (shame on us), and creating good habits are not as easy as it sounds. Wanna know why?

We are impatient. And stubborn. And easily scared. Leaving our cozy comfort zones and enduring the long and hard process of acquiring a good habit is a challenge to most of us. So, how can you improve your routine so you don’t get trapped into that procrastination loop-hole and actually achieve long-term goals?

There’s no secret and no magic behind it. Imagine your goal being a glass full of water. Our actions are like droppers in this situation, and the glass will only be full with an X amount of drops inside it.

Vision Board

Don’t know what a Vision Board is? BOOM! Keeping a motivational board that shows you where your everyday actions will lead is great to keep your mood sky-rocketing. Success is achieved by good behaviors, and what better behavior than looking to your pot of gold and understanding where you want to get every single day?


From folding your bed to de-cluttering your inbox, being organized is a valuable asset these days. Keeping track of your daily tasks, assigning the right time to perform certain activity and creating a schedule will only be beneficial to achieving a routine perfection. Wanna a tip on how to promote great habits and in the same time, keep track of your daily tasks? Check out our super-all-in-one dashboard, the Hero Panel.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Everyday actions may have good or bad outcomes. Are you happy with your performance? Are you stressed, sad or frustrated? Everything is possible, and you have to be able to adjust you emotions to a situation so you reach (in a possible and finite future) your goals quicker. Also, you obviously do not have enough stamina to keep up with an average rate of productivity, so be sure that you’ll have days were you have to back off some work.


Don’t be a Lone Wolf. Including other human beings into your day-to-day activities not only will increase your social skills, but also have a lift up every time life tries to beat you down. Of course, if a person will have a major role in your daily mood, pick wisely. Scheduling off-work programs are great for bonding and getting to know each other a little bit better.

Live one day at a time and this routine-optimization will be a natural process. Share your experience with us and tell your personal story about achieving your goals one day at a time.

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