Gamification: transform you life into a game and make it more fun


Do you think life is a Game? We all know it’s not, there are no cheats or mods, no start option and no respawn points. But what if you could turn your routine into an adventure? Grab your sword, shield, some coins and lets slayer this subject.

Gamification is a geeky way to strive for greatness. Inspired by concepts of game-design,  this technique allows the playable character (you) to gain more experience points in competition tasks, socializing, self-expression, status and achievements. Each personal task becomes a quest, and at the end of each quest there’s a reward involved. This reward may be point, experience bars, badges, trophies… You have the power to choose (so do it wisely).

A way to push gamification to another level is to upgrade it to co-op or a multi-tap mode. By doing it, you’re re-ensuring competition, cooperation and collaboration. A simple and nice way to enjoy the story mode without expensive expansion packs and add-on’s.

Bringing gamification to the business area, applying this technique as a marketing asset is not only cool, but also promotes customer retention! Check-in badges, multiple discount and an interactive application powered by a reward are becoming an usual approach by companies. They’re cheap and encourages costumer engagement.

Ready to try it out? Yu-kai Chou has made a List with some awesome gamification apps, so why don’t you try them out? Also, give them a shout-out and tell that Hero Panel sent you there : )

Now, you can’t press A-B-A-C-A-B-B to make your life more real. You can only make it more un-real. If you want to check a dashboard that can transform your not-so-productive day into an optimized productivity routine, try out the Hero Panel. With loads of widgets, our dashboard provide widgets that go from productivity enhancers to motivational boosters.

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