Keep yourself motivated with Seinfield’s “Don’t break the chain” technique


You probably know who Jerry Seinfeld is (shame on you if you don’t), and like all of us, he once struggled with procrastination. Based on that he created his own productivity technique called “don’t break the chain” as a way to become more committed with his work. Let’s see what this method is and how you can apply it in your life from now on.

“The way to be a better comic is to create better jokes and the way to create better jokes is to write everyday”, said Seinfeld. That’s the secret behind his technique: constant practice leads to improvement. Sometimes our lives get’s so busy and overwhelming that we lack the motivation to pursue our goals, or to even perform daily habits, but this method can help you become more productive and motivated.

This technique is pretty simple: all you will need is one thing to accomplish and a calendar. Let’s say you want to start exercising every day. Did you exercised on Monday? Pick your favorite brush color and mark an X on it. Did you continue to do it on Tuesday? Mark another X. Keep doing everyday whatever you have chosen, eventually you will see a long chain of X’s on your calendar. Your only job now is to not break the chain. Done!

Wait, is that all? Yeah, basically. This method works because seeing the marks on the calendar will make you more excited. At some point the chain will be so long that you will think is not worth it to break just because of one day. Way easier to just do it, right? I mean, imagine how beautiful it would look a big calendar full of X’s, a proof to yourself that you have the willpower to keep doing whatever you want to do. Isn’t that great?

So, have you used this method before? Do you have any nice productivity recommendations? What’s your favorite Seinfeld episode? Tell us what you think!

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