Count sheeps the right way: How to fall asleep faster


Sheeps jumping over a fence. Some people get mesmerized by them and after observing the repetition in the act, their sleep actually comes. I can only think in how much money is the sheep owner loosing while they’re running away. But relax, here we’re going to show you some quick ways to fall asleep faster without having to restart your sheep counter.

“Hello darkness, my old friend“, I’m not here to talk, I’m here to sleep. Having problems to fall asleep is very common, so if you have it, let me say you’re not alone. You may have had a busy day, you’re body is miserable, begging for some hour of love with your sweet mattress, but your head on the other hand…

Oh man, your head it’s ON. It wants to conquer the world in three different ways, creating scenarios that will never happen and forecasting all the bad things that may happen tomorrow. So, how do you turn it off?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a power button that you can press and all of your problems are solved. However, there is some some tips that I can give it to you for free (prescriptions costs a little bit more).

  • Warm beverages and some type of teas may get you more relaxed; avoid caffeine-based drinks.
  • Off-screen. From TV to your cellphone, turn them off or try not to use them at least one hour before bed.
  • Lights out. Darker places are more appealing to the eye, making you more sleepy.
  • Colder places make you fall asleep faster. between 60 to 65 degrees are ideal sleep faster.
  • Warm baths are proven to be very relaxing, so taking one before bed is a great idea. Actually, having a warm shower and then trying to sleep in a cold room is a heck of an idea.
  • Read. Not only is good for educational purposes (try something entertaining, not a complex/life-based one), it will relax your body and minimize the efforts in your muscles.
  • Sleep position matters. Your back loves your mattress as much as your brain, but assuring a sleeping posture must be a priority. Having a good pillow that supports your neck, weight and also aligns your body is crucial. Repetition creates a patterns, and sleeping on the same position will create a nice little record on your brain, reminding him every night that that’s your sleeping position. Make your sleep position, a habit.

Despite requiring some prep beforehand, applying these tips on a regular basis will enhance the chance of making them a habit. But, do you remember that sheep that we’ve talked about earlier. Want to try a cool way of falling asleep faster? The Hero Panel has a widget that will help you fall asleep faster. Give it  try and tell us what you think in the comments.

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