Cool out stress with these frosty set of techniques


Stress happens to living beings that are put under change. Constant adaptation (a.k.a – staying outside of the comfort zone) generates constant stress, and it’s fine. There is no such thing as “stress free” life when you’re growing every day, things are gonna happen unexpectedly and you ‘ll learn how to deal with them. However, there are things we can do to minimize the negative effects of it, here is our list.

1 – Accept & Recognize

The first step to manage a feeling is recognizing it exists. Try to find everything you can about what you’re feeling when under stress: is it frustration? Is it hurry? Is it pressure? What is behind this feeling? Sometimes we fall into traps of making a big deal out of small situations. Learn with them.

2 – Eliminate small stress-generating factors

Sometimes small things can take our balance out. It can be a bright light in a bad position, background construction noise or loud coworkers. Pay attention to what affects you, and try to minify them. Consider changing your environment, get a set of noise-cancelling headphones and maybe take off your shoes.

3 – Channel it (the right way)

Stress is a form of energy, it accumulates in the body if we don’t channel it on something. The best way to channel stress is by exercising: work out, swim, play tennis or simply do some jumping jacks in the office while listening to Flashdance. Whatever helps.

4 – Rest

Our brain needs sleep. Yes, seriously. Sometimes when we have a close deadline, we tend to sacrifice sleep in favour of other activities, the drawbacks are not good. If you need more time, perhaps consider switching to polyphasic sleep, or schedule power naps strategically.

5 – Diminish decision-making

Every time our brain needs to make a decision, it loses a bit of energy. Even the smallest decisions, such as liking a facebook status or not, consumes brain energy. Minimize decision-making on small things and save it for important ones. Why do you think Mark Zuckerberg always wear the same clothes?

6 – Don’t multitask

We’ve all been there. Whenever we have many things to do, we try to save time by making multiple things at once. The truth is, multi-tasking is an illusion, it’s scientifically proven that humans can’t multi-task. So you can do a much better (and faster) job by focusing on one thing at a time.

7 – Meditate & Relax

Almos as important as sleeping, taking breaks and relaxing during the day will help you chill off stress. Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and refresh your thoughts, but if that’s not your thing, try to just sit in silence and pay attention to your breathing (yes, I just tricked you into meditating).

8 – Avoid bad habits

Don’t channel stress or anxiety on bad habit such as smoking or eating, as it will be counter-productive and will generate even more stress on the long run. This is easier said than done, I know, but try taking small steps into breaking these habits. Your body will thank you.

9 – Be grateful

The art of not making a big deal out of small things can be challenging. Sometimes it takes only a honk in traffic to take people out of happy state. It’s not worth it. Really. Exercised gratitude as much as you can, be thankful for what you have and the people you love, life will be much lighter this way.

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