Big Changes on Hero Panel!


Greetings, Heroes!

Noticed anything different on Hero Panel? No? For the love of Einstein, it’s about time for you to see the upgrades we’ve done. Recently, we had a big implementation of new widgets (Stretching, Yoga, Fitness, Breathing Sync) and 40+ themes for you to personalize your experience on the visuals as well. We’ve also made changes to our business model, let’s talk about these in topics, shall we?

40+ Theme colors!

We now have over 40 different theme colors for you to personalize your panel, here’s a sneak peek at some fresh ones:

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New Widgets

We are constantly improving the platform, not only fixing bugs but adding more widgets to help you on your journey to heroic greatness and glory. On this update, we are adding 6 of them, which are already live on the platform, and can be accessed in your “add widget” menu.

First, we’ve included a whole new section in our platform: Fitness. Sometimes we feel the urge for some stretching and back cracking, but we also lack free time to practice some kind of activity. The solution? Quick workouts and yoga sessions you can do right in front of your computer.

                   Yoga                               Workout


The good’ol stretch, huh? We spend so many hours sitting on not-so-comfy chairs that our spine really needs a break. Try the Stretching exercises and keep your body loose and relaxed.


Breathing Synchronization

Do you remember our post about how to relax faster? We mentioned this breathing technique which calms you down very fast by doing a follow up on a scaling animation. Now, guess what became a brand new widget? Whenever you’re feeling anxious or need a quick and relaxing exercise, just follow the breathing exercise widget. Thank us later.


A change in our business model

Hero Panel is designed to minimize distractions and ehnance goal achievement. Even though it is truly our greatest desire to bring the platform free for everyone, as any business, we have to charge for our services. Initially we started our beta with a Freemium model, that meant free to use and a premium plan with extra features. After many tests, we then learned that Hero Panel cannot be offered as a fragmented product, as we bring a set of tools for greatness, there cannot be half greatness. We want all of our users to experience the full benefits of what Hero Panel can do for you.

One intern came up with the idea of inserting ads on the panel: he got fired. Just kidding, but seriously, inserting ads on the platform would kill our goal which is to eliminate distractions. We don’t like ads, and 30% of internet users using adblock says you don’t like it either. So we believe in an ad-free product.

After many radioactive test chambers, some atom divisions and one (maybe two) equations, we are switching to the subscription model. This means we don’t offer a free tier of Hero Panel any more, but the subscription price got a lot better. At a flat US5 a month (the price of a burger, seriously) or even less than that for annual billing, you’ll get access to all our tools for greatness plus all external connections. More than that, you’ll get more than 40 different panel themes, templates and awesome features like the extra-minimal mode. By supporting us being a subscriber, you will contribute to an ever-improving platform, just like the value we want to provide you: a platform for your personal improvement.

All new users can now experiment the full potential of panel with a free trial, and existing users (early beta) will get 60 days for free plus a unique discount coupon. (it has been sent by e-mail to every user registered before 25th of november 2016. Now on to the new stuff..

So what are you waiting for? There’s no time to lose, specially when you have a Pomodoro Timer, Counters and Countdowns available in the same integrated Dashboard, so you don’t have to worry about losing track of time in Hero Panel. As always…

Stay Heroic!

The Hero Panel Team

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