Best documentaries for working minds


If you’re a non-stop worker who’s always undertaking even when sleeping, this post may be for you. I know, I know, you don’t want to waste time reading a bunch of filling and no content whatsoever. So we made a top 5 list of the best documentaries for working minds.

Keep in mind that we’re linking all these documentaries on God-almighty-Netflix.

1 – Freakonomics

Have you ever read the book? It’s awesome too, so if you have the chance to absorb both vehicles, that’ll be swell. This movie explores the behaviorism of society, mainly the ones based by Science. Not only you’ll see the perspective of the employees, but also the employers and consumers.

2 – Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

This documentary gives us a taste of Jobs’s amazing entrepreneurial career, from a college dropper to a Silicon Valley Tech Genius. Envied by some, revered by other, taking a quick look of his legacy may spark some tenacity inside you to always go an extra-mile.

3 – Print the Legend

The future is here, and it’s printed. From handguns to prosthetic limbs, this documentary show the up’n down’n all around technology that may benefit millions at fairly low costs, but also manufacture a deadly artifact. Watch the documentary and understand the highs and lows of this new branch of technology.

4 – Food, Inc

Have you ever wondered what’s like the backend of the biggest industry sector of all? Say no more, and just watch Food, Inc. Being able to experience the hungry secrets behind a billionaire industry will surely open your eyes (and maybe stomach).

5 – Downloaded

Napster and it’s founders discuss the downloading revolution, showing how file-sharing in our present time affected the music industry and related business. Not only you’ll be able to see those who incited this digital revolution, but also the feedback from content makers and how this common practice had an impact on their careers.

Do you have a personal favorite documentary? Share with us in the comment below.

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