5 benefits and drawbacks of drinking coffee in the morning


Slurp. Ah, the good’ol coffee in the morning. That magic liquid capable of filling your soul with joy, energy and maybe a little heartburn (now and then), we all love it, don’t we? But is he really your friend or is he a foe? What does coffee do to your body? Grab a mug and I’ll show you.

Each sip you take makes you wonder the mysteries of the universe, if hybrid cars are good or evil, if you already paid your bills this month or even if Trump’s hair is real or not. While you do that, have you ever wondered what are the effects of coffee in your organism? Here are 5 pros and cons:

The Good

1 – Mygodthisisamazing

Coffee is responsible for improving energy levels and making you smarter.Coffee contains a stimulant called caffeine (amen), and not only being the most consumed psychoactive substance in the world, it also blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, which will stimulate and improve your energy levels, mood and even boost some brain functions.

2 – More Coffee, less weight

No it’s not a miracle, coffee does help raising your metabolism (3-11%), and also increases your burning fat rate. That’s right, caffeine will boost the burning of fat for a certain period of time. However, long-term drinkers are less effective for burning those extra-pounds.

3 – The pipe-cleaning effect

Coffee is one of the biggest antioxidants beverages around the globe. With our common barbecue chicken-wing roasted deep fried diet, having a couple of mugs of this magic liquid may actually get you healthier.

4 – Coffee reduces risk of cancer

No joke here. Caffeine may prevent developing basal cell carcinoma (commonly named: skin cancer), also it may decrease the risk of developing prostate cancer in men (20%) and endometrial cancer in women (25%).

5 – Coffee is capable of lowering the risk of type-II diabetes

Again, no joke. Coffee and it’s magical caffeine may decrease your insulin sensitivity and diminish glucose tolerance, which automatically reduces the risk of developing type-II diabetes.

The bad

1 – Coffee is a life’s investment

Drinking bad coffee may be very harmful to your health. It contains a lot of impurities which can cause headaches, sickness and a just a overall bad feeling. Also, many compounds in coffee are acids and may irritate you stomach and the lining of your small intestine. Keep an eye on those bad quality ones.

2 – The problem of Heartburn

This often happens due to the way the coffee’s substances relaxes some smalls muscles. The problem with it? This muscles prevent some contents of your stomach from coming back. Food is not the problem, but hydrochloric acid is a big no-no.

3 – The “Fight” or “Flight” issue

Drinking non-lethal-yet-huge amounts of coffee will stimulate the release of stress hormones and raise your adrenaline levels. These chemicals are responsible for increasing your heart rate and blood pressure, so drink wisely.

4 – Is there any bathroo…oops?

Bowel movement. A single cup can be responsible for stimulating some unwanted bowel movements, which will make you beat Usain Bolt’s world record for the fastest person in the world for reaching a random bathroom.

5 – Bone loss

Did you know that, because of the lack of gravity in space, astronauts faces a huge problem of bone loss? Imagine if not only they were astronauts, they would also be coffee drinkers. That’s right, coffee may speed bone loss and could raise the risk of crumbly bones and/or osteoporosis. So, AGAIN, drink wisely.

The Not-so-Ugly (conclusion)

Drinking coffee everyday is bad? No. Never drinking coffee again is good? No. Moderation is the word, so you can enjoy your beverage while you study, work, relax or even shower (OK, maybe not during shower.). Get a good coffee, a nice mug with your mother’s picture on it, a step-by-step walkthrough on how to make good coffee and you’re set.



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