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Think in a box full of puppies. Did that make you feel “creative? Of course not. But probably made you feel happy, right? Thinking outside of the box is not like a dopamine injection that suddenly makes you smile from ear to ear. This type of process can’t be created, but certainly engaged.

We’ve made a (short)list of some great apps that may awake that sleeping creativity. Also, if you live under a rock on the moon and never heard about out productivity and motivational dashboard, you should definitely check the Hero Panel. This all-in-one dashboard will relentlessly kill your procrastination and boost you performance during work and studies.

Without further-ado, the Apps:


Brainstorms are surprisingly useful when your mind is stuck on an stationary idea. How you confront it? This app may be the answer to that problem. With a simple exercise of pulling random slips of paper with word written on them, you’ll be able to relate those words to a current problem at hand, and maybe spark  an amazing idea and simply solve that tricky puzzle.


A personal favorite of mine. This app does one thing (and does is beautifully): It imitates the usual sounds of a cafe. It may sound strange to you, but it sounds amazing! Some researches shows that the noise of this kind of environment boost productivity and creativity. So, brew your home-made fuel, put on your headphones and let’s get creative.


Ideas worth spreading. TED has a whole motivational background, being able to inspire people in a fraction of minutes. Sometimes, what causes creativity blocks are not only practical, but emotional. The possibility of aligning a mindset and understanding that the barriers life imposes sometimes are commutative may give you a clearer path to success. It only takes one person and a couple of minutes to be inspired, why don’t you give it a try?


This app will make you get in touch with other person’s projects. No, it was not made for you to copy their ideas, but maybe feel inspired by them, understand the process they went through to reach their current position. This app works more like a reality check, ensuring you that everything is possible with a little perseverance and hard work.

Are you already using one of this apps? Liking so far? Tell us in the comments below and give your recommendations.

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