10 time management laws for super-humans


Being a super-human is not always easy. The ones of us who choose to live life to its fullest have conscience that our most precious resource is not money: it’s time. In this article, let’s talk about 10 techniques that you can start using to better manage your time.

1 – Plan Ahead

Instead of diving right into your tasks, take a step back and make an execution plan. Time spent on planning ahead is time saved, not wasted. As Abraham Lincoln once said: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

2 – Prioritize

Mark your tasks with urgency and importance values. Do you need to do it ASAP? It is urgent. Do you need it for today, but not right now? It is important. Execute the urgent + important tasks first, then the urgent, then the important, and last the non-urgent and non-important.

3 – The four D’s

The 4D time management is a well known system that can be of great help. In short, for every task in your list, you should apply one of these four actions: Do it (short quick tasks), Delegate it (to someone else), Defer it (if you can’t do it now, delay until you can) or Drop it (do you really need to do this? if not, slash it out)

4 – The 2-minute rule

The first D in the 4D time management is “Do it”. Whenever a task arises that will take 2 minutes or less, do right on the spot. The time wasted on having to read/understand and think about it again wouldn’t make it worth postponing, just do it.

5 – Scheduled Interruptions

Although we are super-humans, we also need breaks. The trick is to make the most out of them, scheduling them for times when our energy is lower and we will have the best recovery rate. Also prioritize activities that will increase your energy on these breaks, such as stretching, eating a healthy snack or drinking some coffee.

6 – Consider spending money instead of time

Can you pay someone to do it? Is the time you will take to find this person + the money you will spend worth it? If so, delegate it and focus on something else. Remember: our most valuable resource in life is our time.

7 – Block Distractions

Altough we all love Facebook videos and funny tweets, there is no place for it when we are being productive. Block it using a browser extension. Also leave your phone facing down, on silent mode, these simple actions will make sure you won’t get carried away by a distraction and end up wasting valuable time.

8- Break down into blocks

Break down big tasks into smaller ones. Theses smaller tasks will be not only more easily executed, but also more easily measured in terms of time spent.

9 – Keep Track

Keep track of you progress, how much did you do and how much is left? This is a great way of planning your work. Break down tasks and check how far along you are on finishing them. Whenever something else arises, you will have much better understanding on what you can postpone and what you cannot.

10 – Reward youself

Working at full-time productive mode can sometimes be a bit stressful. At the end of a successful work, reward yourself. It can be something really simple like a chocolate bar or a bubble bath. This helps the brain liberate dopamine, our reward neurotransmitter that will make us want to do it all over again.

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