This 5-minute stretching routine will improve your well-being right now


Let me share with you a global sign of “I should be stretching more“. Sometimes during the day, we all go full chiropractic on ourselves, going from simple knuckle cracks to those amazing back cracks. We’re going to show you how a 10-minute stretching session can improve your quality of life without harming that beautiful skeleton of yours.

The Goku Stretch

%tagsLet’s start with a simple one. Stand with your feet together and raise your arms on a Genki Dama position (with a jutso-ish ending). While you’re on upright position, inhale. Start to exhale all the air while you bend your body to the right. Stay in this position for about ten seconds and then repeat on the left side.

The Runner’s Stretch



Moving from a Goku position to a Sonic the Hedgehog one. Place your right leg in front of your body, leaning it towards the ground. Use your hands for balance at the side of your feet. Now breathe (like you wasn’t breathing before I told you to) and, while you exhale, straighten your right leg. Hold still for a couple of seconds the slowly return to the original position. Repeat it four to five times.

The Bound Angle

%tagsHere, sit. Good boy, now keep your legs straight. Put the soles of your feet together and make sure to push your knees towards the ground (be gentle, it takes time, practice and a cosmic radiation bombardment to become a very elastic person). Slowly lean your upper-body towards the ground (without rounding your back) and place the palm of your hands on the ground. Hold the position for five slow breaths and repeat a couple of times.


See how easy it is? An everyday stretching routine will be very beneficial for your health. Repetition evolves to habits, and what better than having a habit that will do so much good to you in such short time? Give it a try and tell us what you think.

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