10 youtube videos that will inspire you


Do you know what’s the good side of  being on the bottom? The only way available is UP! We made a few list with some of our favorite youtube videos for you to feel inspired, shake those bad moods out of you and gain tenacity to achieve your objectives

Felix Baumgartner

Afraid of highs? He isn’t. Not only he proved how far dedication can take you, Felix Baumgarnter proved to us that the sky in not the limit.


Nick Vujicic

Born with Phocomelia (the abscence of limbs), Nick shares his life’s story, showing how’s possible to overcome the struggles of life and be thankful for every breath you take.


The Pursuit of Happiness

This is excerpt of Will Smith’s movie “The Persuit of happiness give his son (Jaden Smith is his son not only in real life but also in the movie) a breathtaking motivational speech.


King Théoden’s Battle Speech

Motivation it’s not attached only to this real world, and Lord of the Rings showed us one of the most brilliant motivational Speech.


Derek Redmond

Former world champion, Derek showed the world that giving up was not an option (and it never will).


Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima

Former long-distance runner who was attacked by Cornelius Horan (former Irish Priest) during 2004 summer Olympics. Lima showed the world that, despite all the bumps and adversities during our hardest challenges, we can always fly by the finish line with a smile on our faces.


Steve Jobs

Founder of Apple, Steve Jobs tell us about his journey through entrepreneurial challengesand how his parents and education had an effect on his career. Jobs passed away in 2011, victim of cancer.


J.K Rowling

J.k Rowling give us a lesson of how to fight the difficulties in life and proving to us that anything is possible when you put passion in your work and endure through hard times.



Words are not enough to describe the love and dedication of this father. A father pushing his son’s wheelchair from marathons to triathlons caught the world’s attention not only for a cause, but to his son’s happiness.


I am First, Not Second

Needing the sensation of “LET’S DO THIS”? This feeling is easily achieved with this awesome inspirational video. Never give up your dreams and goals.

Do you know where can you find more inspirational videos and quotes? The Hero Panel has a widget specifically designed for that. Check it out and tell us what you think.

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