10 websites that will help you learn anything


Internet can provide way more than just pictures of cute cats and fail videos. We spend so much time consuming “useless” information for our entertainment that we can’t even find our productivity bar later. He listed 10 websites that will fill your free time and  make you learn anything from scratch.

1 – EdX – Take online courses in world renowned institutions like Harvard and MIT for free!

2 – Coursera – Another platform to do any kind of course from the best universities.

3 – CreativeLive – Online courses from experts in the creativity fields of life

4 – Curious – Skill-growing platform with video lessons.

5 – CodeAcademy – Learn how to code for free.

6 – OneMonth – Platform so you can learn how to develop web application in one month.

7 – Duolingo – Free platform to learn languages.

8 – Guides.Co – Best place online to step-by-step guides.

9 – TED-Ed – Free educational videos for you to get inspired.

10 – DataMonkey – Learn how to develop your analytical skills in a fun way

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