10 good habits you should adopt ASAP


We all have routines, therefore we have habits. From the way you brush your teeth to how you tie your shoes, creating good habits are essential to a life of success (speaking from your wallet to your psychologic).

We’ve listed 10 good habits that your should master. How? By that good’ol everyday practice. This habits go from fitness to thinking, so we can cover all possible areas.

1 – Quality time = Fitness time

Performing stretches, push ups and sit ups while watching TV is a cost-effective habit that takes you no more than 10 minutes to do it. It’ll help you get in shape, improve your circulatory system and keep you more productive during the day.

2 – Glub, glub and glub!

Drink at least two liters of water, everyday. It will boost your muscles, prevent cramps, improve your skin and help your kidneys with his nasty cleansing job.

3 – Remember is living

And by that, I mean reviewing any mistakes and failures you had in the past. Learn from them, make some mental notes and understand the “why” of that bad outcome. Don’t be sad by it, just make sure you understand why the whole process turned out not the way you expected. By that you’ll promote a more smart judgement in the future and improve your forecasting abilities.

4 – Ommmmm

Don’t know that sound? Then you should start meditating. Not only it’ll make you more relaxed, you’ll “ommm” that stress away in no-time.

5 – The co-op way of living

If you’ve already found the player two of your life, create a daily habit of doing something fun together. By that you’ll be developing a more bounding relationship and keeping the flame of love lit!

6 – What is love?

What a profound question, isn’t? Take a good 20 minutes-day working on your personal growth. By doing that, you’re having a clearer vision of the things you really love and will feel inspired to work even harder to achieve it.

7 – Daily goal

Keeping track of your to-do’s (and your to-don’ts) should be your mainly goal. Nothing better than developing a habit and in the same time, keep your productivity to the maximum level.

8 – Brainstorm at work

Solving tasks in a non-orthodox way stimulates the creative part of your brain and create alternative routes to achieve your goals. Having a top-of-minf way of thinking should boost your skills right away.

9 – Everyday learner

Always try to learn new things. From small to big, from new languages to simple recipes. No matter what or how, the challenge of learning something new mature the process of getting out of your comfort zone.

10 – You don’t have to be a King to deliver a Speech

First, enhance you speaking skills by grabbing a book and reading a good 20-minutes before sleeping. Then, read it out loud, write down your major difficulties and work on them. Reading out loud gives you more confidence and helps you process what you’re learning/saying better and faster.

You know another great habit? Using the Hero Panel dashboard. From productivity to motivation widgets, using it on a daily basis will definitely be the best habit from work to your cozy home, Give it a try and tell us what you think.

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